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Description: Compo-wood decking provides a number of benefits over traditional products.

Compo-Wood is an innovative product that can be used as an alternative to traditional wooden decking. Manufactured by plastic extrusion company Plastil, Compo-Wood provides a number of benefits for homes and businesses looking to enhance the qualities of their outdoor surfaces.

The plastic extrusion process for Compo-Wood involves the use of 50 per cent wood flour and 50 per cent resin, with the final product brushed and polished to offer a textured finish almost indistinguishable from real wood.

Here are some of the main benefits of Compo-Wood over other decking options :

Compo-Wood is a 100 per cent recyclable product, meaning you can take advantage of a high-quality manufactured good that also boosts your environmental credentials.

One of the key problems with wood is that it can deteriorate quite quickly. Rotting and splintering are just two issues you may encounter with wood that don’t occur when you invest in Compo-Wood.

Decking can swiftly become a slipping hazard after rainfall, putting you, your guests and, potentially, customers at risk. Compo-Wood is designed to prevent accidents and keep everyone on their feet.

Easy maintenance
Traditional decking tends to lose its lustre, requiring you to repaint and stain the surface, as well as a range of additional upkeep tasks. Anyone who purchases Compo-Wood will instead find there is minimal maintenance to retain the decking’s look and function.

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