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Continual investment in plant and machinery

Our facilities consist of robust extrusion machines of high quality. We regularly invest in new lines, our procurement policy allows us to optimize the control of our manufacturing processes. Our main lines have fully automated controls.

Main facilities

  • Plastil – Maulévrier – 23 lines (F, 49)
  • Plastil – Bellegarde 11 lines (F, 45)
  • Plastil – Telford 7 lines (UK)
  • Screw diameter 30 to 90, single screw, twin-screw, screw parallel and tapered, co-extrusion, extrusion-sorting.
  • Facilities totalling machine (41 lines) allow us to make all kinds of profiles.

Peripheral equipment

  • 4 paint booths, 5 pad-printing lines, 3 lines for corona treatment, inkjet marking, embossing, engraving, filming, gluing.

Engineering Controls

  • Equipment approved and monitored by the CSTB and the FCBA. Light boxes for colorimetric control.

Storage facilities

  • Hall 1000 M ² with a crane


Newplast Joint Barthelamy Operating as a wholly independent company and with moulding and blow moulding facilities, Newplast produces a wide range of injection moulding serving a wide range of industries. Joint Barthelamy produces a comprehensive range of fibre and metal gaskets for industrial and automotive applications.