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About Plastil Telford

We at Plastil take your business personally. We recognize that in order to succeed, we have to make ourselves an integral part of our customers’ success.

Plastil were among the first suppliers in Europe/the world to successfully bring the benefits of extruded plastic products to a number of new markets. Since our early formative days, we have accumulated over 45 years of experience and are become a major world player. The most valuable results of this history have become our assets: assets with which we can serve your needs today. We are ideally equipped to be quick, reliable and innovative. We have a wealth of market knowledge and the very best in research and development. Over the years we have made ourselves into a complete solutions provider who extrudes:

“A system supplier who extrudes” – “rather than an extruder offering certain profiles”. – An important distinction between Plastil and its competitors.

We can turn ideas into deliveries, customer problems into competitive advantages quickly and efficiently. Our capital investment policy guarantees the availability of capacity at all times. We run a 2-shift system 24/5. Lean production for us is not just a buzzword: it is a method, which not only allows us to keep our pricing competitive, but avoids wasting time and human resources at any part in the process from discussing an order to its execution.

I would like to place the sum total of our resources at your disposal. We can meet your demands for very high production runs as well as highly intricate and market leading innovations. After all, your competitive advantage is our competitive advantage.

Try us and see. You won’t be disappointed; I take responsibility for that. Personally.

Christophe LEGEAIS, Plastil TELFORD.