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For the 4th consecutive year, PLASTIL exhibited in Cologne all its solutions for office and kitchen furniture: vertical cartridge system kits for wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, acoustic shutters, and our Easy-Glide space-saving tracking system for PVC or PP tambour doors.

The Easy Glide system makes it possible to collect a shutter up to 1600mm wide in a cartridge of just 100mm wide. An unrivalled performance to date.

This is achieved by using more efficiently all the space available between the walls of the cassette, in which the tambour will retract.

In a traditional tracking system, the tambour is guided constantly by the track and so, the retractable width of the door and its size are limited by the pre-fixed length of the track.

However, with the PLASTIL Easy Glide System, the tambour door is released from the constraint of the tracking in the usual way and the tambour is free to wind around itself and occupy all available space.

In addition to saving space, the mechanism of the tambour door is particularly smooth, and the effort required in both opening and closing is considerably reduced.

These features enable our customers to design large-scale single-tambour cabinets and give the end-user significant storage space gains. For example, the model displayed on our stand consisted of a PP tambour door with a 1600mm wide opening in a wooden cabinet, requiring only one double-sided wall to accommodate the PLASTIL cartridge system.

1600mm wide single door cabinet with Plastil patented Easy Glide tracking system.

The PLASTIL system simplifies cabinet design and reduces manufacturing and is patented at the European level.

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We would like to thank our visitors, who came from all over the world, for their interest in PLASTIL products. Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, we have established long-term partnership relationships with our customers since 1972.