• Welcome to Plastil
    A leading supplier of Plastic Extrusion & Moulding Solutions

  • Vertical & Side Opening Shutter Systems
    Easy and quiet operation with maximum rigidity

  • Maintenance Free Gates & Fences
    A stunning range of both standard and bespoke gates and fences in a selection of attractive finishes
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  • Compowood Decking Systems
    The Low Maintenance Wood Composite Decking System

  • Tubes & Custom Extrusions
    Complete solutions for tubing and custom extrusions

  • Flat Screen Shutters
    With "Flat-Screen" Plastil offers a smooth fronted, seamless shutter system in PP

  • Acoustic Sound Absorbant Shutters
    Ideal for the office to reduce noise


A leading supplier of Plastic Extrusion and Moulding Solutions. A major part of the Europe-wide GJL group, we specialize in:

Plastil is a unique "one-stop shop" for plastic component development.

We have the facilities to design and manufacture extrusion profiles and moldings to suit a very broad range of applications, specializing in the office furniture, the building and automotive industries. And we are expanding all the time.