Standard tracking - Plastil have developed a range of best in class tracking, maximising internal cabinet space suited to 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm wide cabinets.
1000mm wide

1200mm wide
Bespoke tracking - Plastil offers a range of tracking profiles ideal for bespoke applications for surface mounted and recessed tracking.
The Plastil Aluminium shutter system offers all the flexibility of the side opening PVC shutter systems with the added security of aluminium.
The fitment of glide plugs and a special lubricant ensure a smooth action to the shutter movement. The aluminium shutter system is compatible with our range of tracking and aluminium terminal slam which is available with both single or multi-point locking.  

Réf 765 Réf 1165 Réf 2843 Réf 2339 Réf 4039 Rail 709 cintré


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